Varsity 2014

Men's Race

1 Alex Short Robinson Cambridge 38.10
2 Lewis Lloyd Pembroke Cambridge 38.48
3 James Parkinson Somerville Oxford 39.06
4 William Christofi University Oxford 39.11
5 Adam Speake Worcester Oxford 39.15
6 Miles Unterreiner St. John's Oxford 39.18
7 Kelvin Gomez Homerton Cambridge 39.46
8 Alex Howard Christ Church Oxford 39.56
9 William Ryle-Hodges St. Antony's Oxford 40.04
10 Aidan Smith St. John's Oxford 40.10
11 Josh Carr Sidney Sussex Cambridge 40.20
12 Patrick Roddy Robinson Cambridge 40.33
13 Richard Ollington Pembroke Cambridge 41.27
14 Miles Chandler Lady Margaret Hall Oxford 41.39
15 Phillip Crout St. Catharine's Cambridge 42.08
16 Alex Milne Homerton Cambridge DNF*

Oxford won by 35 points to 46
Series tied at 62 wins apiece
* Alex Milne fell and sprained his ankle at 2.8 miles and had to withdraw from the race.

Ladies' Race

The following report formally sets out the outcome of the 39th Ladies' University Race, hosted by Thames Hare and Hounds on Wimbledon Common on Saturday 6th December 2014.

Sophia Saller (St. Catherine's, Oxford) had led the race from an early stage and was on course to take the individual victory. When the group of runners behind her, which included Kate Niehaus (Trinity, Oxford) and all seven members of the Cambridge team, reached the 2.9 mile point in the race (the crossing of the ditch following the descent down from the Alps), they followed the gentlemen's course, which crosses the ladies' course at this point. On reaching Stag Ride, the group turned left and followed it until the Memorial Playing Fields were reached and the correct course picked up to the finish. This detour represents a small shortcut, but critically much easier terrain as the hardest part of the course (The Butts) is missed out. As a consequence six of the eight runners reached the finish ahead of Sophia Saller.

Simon Molden (Thames Hare and Hounds) witnessed the race with all runners on course just before the Windmill at 2.3 miles. His view was that:
1. By this point Sophia Saller was clearly leading and would have won the race had it reached its natural conclusion
2. Kate Niehaus was second at this point with the whole Cambridge team packed closely behind her. The Oxford team was adrift of the Cambridge runners and spread out over a much wider margin. Therefore, had the race reached its natural conclusion, Cambridge would have decisively won the team contest.

Following this, runners all passed Richard Weston (Thames Hare and Hounds) who was stationed in the woods just after the Windmill. The course was lost about 400 yards after this point.

Following a discussion between John Bryant (President, Thames Hare and Hounds and Match Referee), Simon Molden (Honorary Secretary, Thames Hare and Hounds and Clerk of the Course), Dorothea Cockerell (Club Captain, Thames Hare and Hounds), Larry Mathews (Thames Hare and Hounds), Katy Hedgethorne (Ladies' Captain, Cambridge University Hare and Hounds) and Suzana Markolovic (Ladies' Captain, Oxford University Cross-Country Club), the following was agreed:
1. That Thames Hare and Hounds takes full responsibility for the runners having lost the course
2. That Sophia Saller should be awarded the individual victory in the race
3. That Cambridge should be awarded the team victory with no score declared.

Thames Hare and Hounds would like to pass their sincere apologies on to Oxford and Cambridge for unclear course marking and the lack of a pioneer at a critical point and their gratitude to the two captains for their co-operation and helpfulness in reaching the verdict set out above.

John Bryant, President, Thames Hare and Hounds
Simon Molden, Honorary Secretary, Thames Hare and Hounds
Dorothea Cockerell, Captain, Thames Hare and Hounds
Larry Mathews, Thames Hare and Hounds
Matthew Bryant, Thames Hare and Hounds

7th December 2014


1 Elizabeth Mooney Newnham Cambridge 23.18*
2 Emily Shearer Gonville and Caius Cambridge 23.21*
3 Kate Niehaus Trinity Oxford 23.24*
4 Katherine Turner Magdalene Cambridge 23.27*
5 Alison Greggor King's Cambridge 23.29*
6 Katy Hedgethorne Murray Edwards Cambridge 23.31*
7 Sophia Saller** St. Catherine's Oxford 23.36
8 Tasneem Pope Trinity Hall Cambridge 23.47*
9 Sarah Lovewell Trinity Cambridge 24.23*
10 Katie Hickson St. Hilda's Oxford 26.01
11 Nora Petty Mansfield Oxford 26.20
12 Emma Hodson Merton Oxford 26.30
13 Sarah McCuaig St. Hilda's Oxford 27.16
14 Rose Penfold*** Green Templeton Oxford DNF

Cambridge awarded the team victory - no score declared
* These runners lost the course at 2.9 miles and ran a shorter route home
** Sophia Saller was awarded the individual victory
*** Rose Penfold lost the course at 2.9 miles

Oxford lead the series by 23 wins to 16

Old Blues' Race

1 Matthew Leach Churchill Cambridge 21.29
2 William Mycroft New College Oxford 21.41
3 Chris Bannon Downing Cambridge 21.49
4 Martin Shore Magdalene Cambridge 21.58
5 Christopher Phillips-Hart Worcester Oxford 22.08
6 Dominic Kiralyfi Regent's Park Oxford 22.12
7 Matthew Grant Queens' Cambridge 22.13
8 Sean Renfer St. Catherine's Oxford 22.25
9 Chris McGurk Wadham Oxford 22.33
10 Robin Brown Jesus Cambridge 22.41
11 Matthew Clark Homerton Cambridge 22.42
12 Jonathan Bradford St. John's Oxford 22.49
13 Simon Molden Christ Church Oxford 22.58
14 Richard Hewitt Jesus Cambridge 23.17
15 Alex Young St. John's Cambridge 23.28
16 Edward Catmur Jesus Oxford 23.31
17 Henry Mitchell Pembroke Oxford 23.33
18 Sam Ashcroft Jesus Cambridge 23.41
19 Will Bowers Trinity Cambridge 23.51
20 Jamie Darling St. John's Oxford 23.54
21 Naomi Tachimowitz Trinity Cambridge 24.43
22 Claire Hallissey Robinson Cambridge 25.15
23 Polly Keen New Hall/Murray Edwards/Downing Cambridge 25.26
24 Steven Marshall Magdalen Oxford 26.23
25 James Gill Hughes Hall Cambridge 27.20
26 Katie Truslove Worcester Oxford 27.28
27 Joanna Mobed Murray Edwards Cambridge 27.39
28 Matthew Bryant St. Catherine's Oxford 28.37
29 Ashley Mooney Trinity Oxford 29.00
30 Philip Scard Gonville and Caius Cambridge 29.14
31 Matthew Hallissey St. John's Cambridge 30.15
32 Helen Hanstock Magdalen Oxford 34.20
33 Neil Mathur Churchill Cambridge n/t

Cambridge won by 220 points to 247 (scoring 15-a-side)
Oxford lead the series by 14 wins to 9