BMC Watford - 30/5/18

In the 3000m, Paddy Roddy ran 9.09.

BMC Brighton - 30/5/18

Katy Hedgethorne was second in the 3000m in 9.40 (PB).

Vitality Westminster Mile British Masters Championship, London - 27/5/18

Anna Garnier was third in 6.14.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 27/5/18

At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 27th in 10:55 and Edward Molden finished 71st in 15:34.

Vitality London 10,000 - 26/5/18

Sixteen Saltires were in action in the Vitality London 10km race.

Pos. Name Time
36 Luuk Metselaar 31.16
55 David Wilson 31.45
68 Jim Allchin 32.06
90 Paddy Roddy 32.25
133 Martin Shore 33.16
181 Ben Reynolds 34.03
200 Paul Cheetham 34.18
737 John Bull 39.33
1009 Alex Mackula 41.24
1274 Rob Harrison 42.47
1580 Vikki Filsell 44.06
1910 Andrea Stehlikova 45.17
2058 Rob Clarke 45.47
3082 Paul Keeler 49.00
3427 Ilona Kriauzaite 49.50
3740 Laura Hall 50.37

Sulphur Springs Trail Race - 26/5/18

David Symons clocked 4.16 for this rolling 50k trail race near Toronto.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 26/5/18

Sixteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
2 2 Jamie HINTON 16:42 Fulham Palace #243
4 4 Matthew Norton LYNAS 18:43 Markeaton #230
27 25 Dave ALCOCK 19:52 Birkenhead #146
25 3 Denise BARNETT 20:47 Wimbledon Common #603
40 39 Darren SELWOOD 20:54 Nonsuch #350
37 34 Matthew BEANEY 21:11 Wimbledon Common #603
43 40 James FERGUSON 21:22 Wimbledon Common #603
65 4 Claire ALTMANN 22:36 Richmond #562
67 65 Paul KEELER 23:29 Kingston #431
94 85 Alistair IRVINE 23:42 Richmond #562
14 5 Jo DAVIES 23:49 Jamaica Pond #9
142 125 Matthew IRVINE 25:17 Richmond #562
228 173 Andrew JOHNSON 27:07 Fulham Palace #243
368 274 Bruce BLACKSHAW 28:57 Nonsuch #350
107 84 Jim STEPHENSON 29:40 Bedfont Lakes #460
340 253 Colin PRICE 31:09 Wimbledon Common #603

BMC Regional Races, Eltham - 23/5/18

In the 5000m B race (mixed), Katy Hedgethorne was 3rd in 16.31 (PB) and Sarah Lovewell 9th in 17.01 (PB)

Green Belt Relay - 20/5/18

Thames' A mixed team finished second overall and first mixed team, 35 minutes behind the overall winners Serpentine. Thames' B mixed team finished 18th overall and 10th in the mixed competition.
Full results (stages and overall) can be found here.

Matt Jones reports:
It took Brazil 12 years to win the Jules Rimet trophy 3 times. After winning the mixed team prize twice in consecutive years, Thames stood on the verge of taking the mixed team shield (this year they had a shield) 3 times in 3 years. Surely unprecedented. But before that could happen the teams, for we had two, had to reach the start line. With 3 drop outs in the week before the race, I thought I had it bad. It seems most teams had similar issues. An entry on the Greenbelt Captains’ Whatsapp reads: “What a fortnight! Five changes due to injury, childbirth, freak-outs, a total inability to comprehend facts and haemorrhoids” Members of Thames, you will be pleased to learn that all your runners could comprehend facts, and no-one dropped out due to haemorrhoids.
22 brave and hearty souls stood ready to run in the Greenbelt Relay to maintain Thames honour over the weekend of the 19/20 May. The weekend was hot, but the competition hotter. Serpentine Men’s team were determined not to be beaten by a mixed outfit. Others stood ready to topple us from the mixed team perch. Leg 1, the glory leg saw Nic Gould and Heather Statham set the pace for Thames. This was a return from injury for Nic and a debut for Heather in the Greenbelt. Both set us up well. Leg 2 saw Victoria Barthelmess make both her debut in the Greenbelt but also in the A team. Joe Chang was not far behind for the Bs. Neither were disrupted by the royal wedding although both relied on Serpentine beneficence to carry their stuff whilst they were running. Leg 3 and it began to get serious. Simon Barrett took the win for Thames, a full 9 minutes ahead of his Serpentine rival. Rob Harrison did the honours for the B team with a solid top 20 finish. Ben Reynolds left the margins a little finer, winning leg 4 with 2 mins over Serpentine and Jason Savory made not only a debut in the Greenbelt but his debut in a saltire, also finishing in the top 20. What a way to begin a Thames career.
Competition became ever fiercer. James McMullan put his battered and injured body on the line to pull off 4th on leg 5 and Rob Clarke kept the B team in the hunt for ‘top B’. Leg 6 and Jess Davies showed off all the fitness cycling 4000km through Chile brings with an outstanding 12th limiting the gap to Serpentine by a little over 10 mins. Laura Hall made her debut in the Greenbelt and was still smiling despite the prospect of a very long leg the next day. Leg 7, and I say it with some family pride, my brother Stephen went toe-to-toe with Serpentine finishing second by a minute and putting valuable time over the rest of the field. Ian Higgins showed that a good lunch and a spot of marshalling do not slow a Thames runner down and kept the B team in the chase. Your Greenbelt Captain (me) made his Thames V40 debut on leg 8 putting 4 mins over Serpentine but finishing 2nd in a close fought battle with a very youthful runner from Queen’s Park. Richard Pitt made a top 25 finish for the Bs. Gordon had Serpentine worried, with a stonking win on leg 9, all the more impressive as it involved a grim climb in the last mile up to High Beech. Chris Rye put in the B-team performance of the day with a stellar 5th. David Symons pulled off an excellent 4th on leg 10 and put yet more valuable minutes over Serpentine. Andrea Stehlikova made a debut in the race with a top 30 finish for the Bs. 30 mins before leg 11, the Thames A runner could not be found. I might have had a very serious conversation with the Club President about ‘stepping up for the team’ at this juncture. The President may have become rather quiet, contemplating the fact that it had been some time since he had last contested for the A team. As it was Charles Morris was found at the start-line having trekked the 4 miles from the nearest station on foot in order to prepare early. Charles came home a fine and battling 2nd despite carrying a stomach bug and, once your President’s stress levels had recovered, Mike Farmery had an excellent top 20 finish.
At the close of day 1 Thames were a battling 2nd on the leader-board, a mere 12 mins or so behind Serpentine and over an hour clear of the next mixed team. Our B team were hovering around the 20th mark and vying for the top B team spot. It was clear that the core to team success largely lay in the kind and selfless Thames drivers, who not only ran but also ferried runners from leg to leg. Some cars finished the day rather fragrant as a result but nevertheless all drivers held their calm (more or less).
After good night’s sleep – except for Gordon, who was kept awake by Kevin’s 60th Birthday disco, clearly the happening event in Chelmsford that particular Saturday night – Thames set out with renewed vigour. I won’t list every leg performance on day 2. There were 22, and everyone ran very hard. Instead I prefer to pick out a few highlights. Yes, there were a few stage wins (well done Ben R, Simon B and, er, me). But there were other performances, which whilst not qualifying for baubles, deserve to be called out:
- David Symons who limped through day 2 having tweaked his Achilles on day 1 and still managed a top 10 finish
- Laura Hall who ran the longest, toughest leg, hilliest and hottest leg on day 2 and selflessly drove all day to deliver runners and their stuff to a whole stack of different legs
- Ian Higgins, who arrived at West Hangar car park roughly 10 secs after his leg started, chucked his keys at James McMullan leaving the engine running, car doors open and, with some particularly fruity language scythed through the field to finish a superb 14th (the lateness was due to the Captain’s dodgy instructions – sorry)
- James McMullan, who despite struggling from injury for most of the last 4 months, bravely tackled two of the toughest legs and, clearly in some pain, still managed a smile for the cameras as he crested the last hill at Tatsfield before in his delirious state temporarily blinding himself by rubbing sun-cream into his eyes (most people put it on their skin)
- Charles Morris who managed a 2nd and a 4th place despite an obvious stomach bug
- Victoria Barthelmess who stepped into the team with less than 24 hrs to go and ensured that we closed two full teams
- All those who made Thames’ debuts. By my reckoning that included Andrea, Laura, Victoria, Heather and Jason
- All the marshals and drivers from Thames, without whom our teams would have failed to even compete. Thank you Ben, Jason, Laura, Richard, Ian, Gordon, James, Rob, David, Jess, Stephen and Mike.
And at the end of it all Stephen Jones and Rob Clark closed the Thames campaign in full evening sunshine roared home by a packed crowd at the Hawker centre in Kingston. Thames B finished 17th overall and an excellent 2nd B team in 28hrs30m. Thames A carried off the mixed team prize for the 3rd year on the trot and finished 2nd overall to Serpentine Men in 23hrs08m, equal to the 2017 winning time and a Thames PB by 5 mins. Well done, and thank you everyone for a superb weekend.

Green Belt Relay - 20/5/18

Thames' A mixed team finished second overall and first mixed team, 35 minutes behind the overall winners Serpentine. Thames' B mixed team finished 18th overall and 10th in the mixed competition.
Full results (stages and overall) can be found here.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 20/5/18

At Wimbledon Park, Rupert Ferguson finished 2nd in 7:39 and Seb Cockerell finished 3rd in 7:50. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 67th in 11:48 and Edward Molden finished 128th in 15:06.

Southern Athletics League Division 2E, Cambridge - 19/5/18

David Wilson won the 3000m in 8.47.

Highgate Harriers' Night of the 10,000m - 19/5/18

Matt Leach 29.11 ran, William Mackay 30.32, Jim Allchin 32.08 and Bethanie Murray a new personal best of 35.18.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 19/5/18

Fifteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns. There were individual victories for Jamie Hinton and Mara Yamauchi.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
1 1 Jamie HINTON 16:28 Bushey Park #735
9 9 Thomas GREENWOOD 17:56 Wimbledon Common #602
37 1 Mara YAMAUCHI 19:11 Bushey Park #735
51 49 Simon GARDNER 20:11 Clapham Common #9
48 46 James FERGUSON 20:45 Wimbledon Common #602
34 5 Anna GARNIER 21:29 Rutland Water #127
114 106 David WIGFIELD 23:03 Nonsuch #349
130 13 Diane NEIL MILLS 23:18 Wimbledon Common #602
72 69 Paul KEELER 23:55 Banstead Woods #573
103 94 Alistair IRVINE 24:11 Richmond #561
131 116 Matthew IRVINE 25:28 Richmond #561
55 49 James WINGRAVE 25:35 Osterley #242
214 176 Andrew JOHNSON 25:56 Fulham Palace #242
287 241 David C JENKINS 27:41 Wimbledon Common #602
259 193 Andrew SIMON 28:17 Cheltenham #274

Hard as Snails 15km - 16/5/18

Andrea Stehlikova finished 17th overall (2nd Female) in 1.22.03

Surrey County Athletics Championships, Kingston - 13/5/18

James Hoad won the 5000m in 15.13.

Second Sunday 5 No.37 - 13/5/18

Full results can be found here.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 13/5/18

At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 82nd in 12:30.

Cambridgeshire County Track and Field Championships - 12/5/18

David Wilson won the senior men's 5000m in 15.11

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 12/5/18

Nineteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
4 4 Jamie HINTON 16:24 Bushey Park #734
2 2 Gordon PEARCE 16:29 Finsbury #422
13 12 John BULL 19:31 Wimbledon Common #601
11 2 Mara YAMAUCHI 19:35 Oxford #334
33 31 Andrew LENON 20:20 Wimbledon Common #601
40 4 Denise BARNETT 20:36 Wimbledon Common #601
56 54 Darren SELWOOD 20:54 Nonsuch #348
58 53 Matthew BEANEY 21:10 Wimbledon Common #601
79 8 Andrea STEHLIKOVA 21:46 Wimbledon Common #601
31 27 Rhodri DAVIES 22:00 Heartwood Forest #29
69 62 Paul KEELER 23:09 Kingston #429
126 116 David WIGFIELD 23:09 Nonsuch #348
159 145 Jim FOSTER 23:55 Nonsuch #348
152 19 Karen JONES 24:16 Guildford #305
89 74 James WINGRAVE 24:52 Woking #188
280 211 Andrew JOHNSON 26:55 Fulham Palace #241
327 262 Andrew SIMON 28:12 Wimbledon Common #601
248 72 Danielle DASGUPTA 28:47 Richmond #560
890 656 Jim STEPHENSON 29:28 Bushey Park #734

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 5/5/18

Twenty-one Saltires were in action in bank holiday parkruns. There were individual victories for Mara Yamauchi and Ruth Wallace.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
2 2 Jamie HINTON 16:25 Bushey Park #733
3 3 Anthony DOOLITTLE 18:18 Highbury Fields #344
13 1 Ruth WALLACE 19:18 Wimbledon Common #600
6 1 Mara YAMAUCHI 19:45 Tamar Lakes #186
34 31 Andrew LENON 20:43 Wimbledon Common #600
53 6 Denise BARNETT 21:24 Wimbledon Common #600
51 51 Darren SELWOOD 21:26 Nonsuch #347
63 4 Claire ALTMANN 21:57 Richmond #559
31 5 Anna GARNIER 23:10 Melton Mowbray #177
109 99 David WIGFIELD 23:35 Nonsuch #347
40 38 Paul KEELER 23:58 Reigate Priory #216
169 153 Jim FOSTER 24:43 Nonsuch #347
127 14 Karen JONES 25:14 Guildford #304
262 196 Andrew JOHNSON 26:42 Fulham Palace #240
24 8 Miriam ROSEN 28:43 Ganavan Sands #86
327 244 Andrew SIMON 28:58 Cheltenham #272
127 92 Jim STEPHENSON 29:35 Bedfont Lakes #457
346 111 Danielle DASGUPTA 30:00 Tooting Common #115
436 297 Colin PRICE 33:29 Wimbledon Common #600
34 21 David ROSEN 38:48 Ganavan Sands #86