The South of the Thames 5-mile Race, Beckenham Park - 28/11/17

The South of the Thames 5 mile championship took place here in glorious sunshine last Saturday. The start was outside the Georgian 'White House' in Beckenham Park

Thames Ladies and a couple of Thames men took part in the SOTCC at the weekend. A fivesome of girls stood anxiously at the start to brave the sharp elbows of a very competitive field. Feisty Liz Stavreski fought bravely to finish 7th, following by Amy Aronson in 11th, Vikki Filsell in 25th and Anri Cohen completing the scoring team in 36th. Anna Garnier was close behind in 40th.

THe Ladies' team finished a very commendable 4th, close behind HHH and two Kent teams and in front of the third Kent team such was Kent's strength and depth.

For the THH men, Gordon Pearce finished in 19th and Adam Freeman-Pask in 95th. It was good to see THH represented by men and ladies on such a lovely day.


Thames runners play a part in England's victory in Derry in Northern Ireland

On Saturday 18th November four Thames runners left their footprints at the lovely Gransha Park in Londonderry. Ben pictured above, brought home individual and team gold whilst Simon Baines and Anna Garnier won team golds and not to forget that Ifan Lloyd played an important part in the bronze team medal won by Wales.

It is impressive that one club should have four runners selected to run for their countries! Well done ALL

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 26/11/17

At Wimbledon Park, Seb Cockerell finished 2nd in 8:29. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 44th in 11:31 and Edward Molden finished 98th in 17:17.

Wilmslow 10km Race - 25/11/17

Katy Hedgethorne, running for Cambridge and Coleridge, was second in 34.45.

Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers' 7-mile Race - 25/11/17

David Symons finished 6th in 42.53. John Bull was 11th in 45.24, Joseph Chang 13th in 47.15, Matthew Beaney 15th in 49.37, Andrea Stehlikova 19th in 52.34, and Andy Robinson 22nd in 58.07.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 25/11/17

Thirteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
3 3 James MEIKLEJOHN 17:49 Burgess #262
15 14 Simon GARDNER 19:17 Tooting Common #93
17 1 Mara YAMAUCHI 19:58 Oxford #314
53 47 Paul KEELER 23:08 Kingston #404
27 25 Rhodri DAVIES 23:11 Heartwood Forest #17
103 98 Hugh ARNOLD 23:33 Wimbledon Common #572
111 17 Karen JONES 24:10 Guildford #282
168 143 Jim FOSTER 24:47 Nonsuch #325
291 198 Andrew JOHNSON 27:09 Fulham Palace #217
323 94 Danielle DASGUPTA 27:31 Tooting Common #93
361 281 Bruce BLACKSHAW 29:10 Nonsuch #325
363 252 Richard WESTON 38:48 Wimbledon Common #572
435 260 Fred CROFT 49:57 Richmond #534

Last Friday 5km Race, Hyde Park - 24/11/17

Simon Molden finished 3rd (1st V40) in 16:44.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 19/11/17

At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 29th in 11:07 and Edward Molden finished 95th in 16:31.

London Championships, Parliament Hill - 18/11/17

Eight Saltires toed the line at the London Championships where Parliament Hill was in appropriately muddy condition. For the Ladies there were fantastic runs from Ruby Woolfe in 9th and Victoria Barthelmess in 10th (not currently in the results) and they were followed by strong performances from Liz Stavreski in 29th and Vikki Filsell in 63rd.
For the Men, James McMullan was 23rd followed by Matt Jones in 53rd, Tom Greenwood in 99th and Iain Sheridan in 241st and pleasingly we just scraped into the top ten teams.
Full results can be found here.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 18/11/17

Eighteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns. There were victories for Gordon Pearce at Finsbury and Martin Shore at Eastleigh.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
1 1 Gordon PEARCE 16:35 Finsbury #398
1 1 Martin SHORE 17:42 Eastleigh #387
55 2 Mara YAMAUCHI 19:40 Bushy Park #707
11 11 John BULL 19:45 Wimbledon Common #574
6 6 Chris HUTBER 20:14 Montrose #20
3 3 Edmund GAZELEY 20:14 South Oxhey #149
25 23 Andrew LENON 20:45 Wimbledon Common #574
35 4 Denise BARNETT 21:04 Wimbledon Common #574
51 6 Annette GOULD 21:56 Wimbledon Common #574
187 15 Charlotte SAUNDERS 22:18 Bushy Park #707
122 113 Jim FOSTER 23:25 Nonsuch #324
74 66 Paul KEELER 23:58 Kingston #403
108 20 Karen JONES 24:11 Guildford #281
121 103 James WINGRAVE 25:58 Woking #164
297 209 Andrew JOHNSON 27:45 Fulham Palace #216
390 101 Danielle DASGUPTA 29:44 Nonsuch #324
310 128 Grace BRYANT 39:15 Yeovil Montacute #199
388 246 Fred CROFT 51:29 Richmond #533

British & Irish Masters Cross-Country, Derry - 18/11/17

Congratulations to Ben Reynolds who continued his strong recent form with a brilliant gold in the M50/55/60 race. Ben won in 28.28, an eight second margin of victory over his closest England team-mate and led England to victory in the team event.
There were also great runs from Ifan Lloyd who won the bronze medal in the M55 race whilst running for Wales, Anna Garnier who came 6th in the F60 race and was third scorer for the winning England team and Simon Baines who was 8th in the M45 race (fifth runner for the winning England team) despite suffering from a cold. Well done also to Michael Johnson who was 1st V75 in the Open Race.
Full results can be found here.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 12/11/17

At Wimbledon Park, Seb Cockerell finished second in 08:35. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 44th in 11:08 and Edward Molden finished 107th in 17:53.

Second Sunday 5 #31 - 12/11/17

The Second Sunday 5 smashed the 150 barrier with 151 finishers including 16 Saltires. A particular well done to Tom Greenwood, Nic Gould, Rory Spicer and Andrea Stehlikova who doubled up after running the Surrey League the day before. Tom won the race in a fine 30:37 ahead of Neil Chisholm in 2nd.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 11/11/17

Twelve Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
25 24 Andrew LENON 21:11 Kingston #401
41 36 Richard PITT 21:23 Portobello #129
42 41 Darren SELWOOD 22:05 Guildford #279
31 30 Paul KEELER 22:57 Wimbledon Common #571
205 21 Charlotte SAUNDERS 23:03 Bedford #330
101 96 Jim FOSTER 24:12 Fulham Palace #214
64 58 James WINGRAVE 24:50 Nonsuck #321
133 118 James FERGUSON 25:43 Nonsuch #332
141 125 Rupert FERGUSON 25:54 Crane Park #289
204 156 Andrew JOHNSON 27:24 Tilgate #284
729 510 Jim STEPHENSON 31:10 Dalby Forest #84
300 208 Colin PRICE 32:52 Nonsuch #332

Surrey League Division 1, Round II, Mitcham Common - 11/11/17

The men were in action at Mitcham Common. Despite a great team effort we were unable to match the ladies in staying at the top of the table. However, such was the strength of the opposition that staying in touch with the leaders was as good a performance as our victory in the first fixture.
We were third team on the day and now sit third overall, 102 points behind Hercules Wimbledon and 71 points behind Kent. These are margins that can still be overturned at the next two fixtures.
James McMullan was the first Saltire home in 16th very closely followed by Paddy Roddy in 17th with James Hoad 21st, Jim Allchin 24th, Martin Alvarez-Espinar (who had travelled all the way from Spain to race) 29th, David Wilson 34th, Simon Wurr 42nd, Martin Shore 45th, Ben Reynolds 48th (1st V50) and Per Wangel 52nd making up our first ten. Gordon Pearce led home the B team in 58th with Simon Baines 65th, James Chettle 66th, Paul Cheetham 79th, Tom Greenwood 91st, Charles Morris 102nd, Richard Hewitt 107th, James Meiklejohn 112th, Chris Rye 136th and Nic Gould 148th giving us second B team on the day behind Kent.
John Bull 187th, David Crowther 189th and Rory Spicer 213th rounded out what was the largest and strongest menís team we have fielded in some time.
Full results can be found here.

Surrey League Division 1, Round II (ladies), Nonsuch Park - 11/11/17

Thames were once again at the forefront of the races. Katy Hedgethorne led the way coming a brilliant 3rd and only 12 seconds behind the winner. This was the star Thames performance of the day and Katy also made the trek over to Mitcham to cheer on the men in the afternoon.
Behind Katy were more good runs from Victoria Barthelmess in 16th, Ruth Wallace 18th, Amy Aronson 36th and Liz Stavreski 37th to give Thames second team on the day.
After two fixtures the ladies are now tied for the overall lead with Clapham Chasers so there is all to play for.
Joanna Shillington 75th, Vikki Filsell 90th, Denise Barnett 104th, Emily Hogg 105th and Annette Gould 126th were 4th B team on the day with Andrea Stehlikova 138th, Anna Garnier 146th (1st V60), Jess Davies 166th and Danielle Dasgupta 280th completing a strong turnout.
Full results can be found here.

Langkawi 70.3 Half-Ironman - 11/11/17

Alison Carpenter won the V55-59 category in 6:11:22. She has qualified for the 70.3 age group World Championships in South Africa next year.

Shepshed 7 - 5/11/17

Anna Garnier won the V55 category, was 14th women overall and 108th in the Shepshed 7.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 5/11/17

At Surbiton, Edward Molden finished 101st in 14:10.

45th Thames H&H vs Ranelagh Harriers Mob Match - 4/11/17

After a barren five years, Thames took victory in our annual mob match against friendly rivals Ranelagh. In a 61 to score event, Thames ran out victorious by 3477 points to 4038. It was an excellent day for the club with new and old members running, and a further excellent start to our 150th season. Full results can be found here.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 4/11/17

A select band of six Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns. Bethan Hopewell took the ladies' victory at Bedford.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
9 1 Bethan HOPEWELL 19:51 Bedford #330
6 6 Alex MACKULA 20:11 Dalby Forest #84
47 46 Paul KEELER 22:35 Kingston #401
145 124 Jim FOSTER 24:36 Nonsuch #332
121 90 Jim STEPHENSON 29:32 Crane Park #289
356 249 Bruce BLACKSHAW 30:19 Nonsuch #332