Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 30/10/16

At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 57th in 12:49.

Match vs Milocarian AC - 29/10/16

Thames finished second to Milocarian AC in a six-to-score contest at Sandhurst. Thames' James Hoad took the individual honours in 31.41.

1 J. Hoad 31.41
4 J. Allchin 33.50
13 J. Chang 36.57
14 E. Catmur 37.12
16 A. Cook 37.17
25 A. Mackula 39.59
29 M. Beaney 41.27
34 C. Hutber 42.18
44 M. Farmery 44.19
71 K. Farmery 56.49

Match result:
1. Milcarian AC 'A' 42
2. Thames Hare and Hounds 73
1. Milcarian AC 'B' 110

Full results can be found here.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 29/10/16

Sixteen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
9 9 David CROWTHER 18:26 Wimbledon Common #517
4 4 John CANT 19:56 Humber Bridge #126
24 24 Richard PITT 20:09 Guildford #230
22 1 Ruth WALLACE 20:39 Frimley Lodge #351
35 33 Chris HUTBER 20:42 Richmond #475
38 36 Darren SELWOOD 20:46 Nonsuch #269
51 49 Andrew LENON 21:14 Wimbledon Common #517
50 62 Vicki WEBB 21:31 Nonsuch #269
18 2 Anna GARNIER 21:55 Belton House #43
219 199 Rob TURNER 22:26 Bushy Park #650
72 60 Robert WEIR 24:01 Medina IOW #277
701 540 Jim STEPHENSON 28:24 Bushy Park #650
202 143 Frances WEIR 29:55 Medina IOW #277
203 77 Andy WEIR 29:56 Medina IOW #277
390 119 Denise BARNETT 35:52 Wimbledon Common #517
404 277 Fred CROFT 51:19 Richmond #476

Stonor Park 15km Trail Race, Henley - 29/10/16

Stephen Jones finished 3rd in 1hr 04m.

Last Friday 5km Race, Hyde Park - 28/10/16

Simon Molden finished 5th in 16:49. This result leaves him in 5th place in the championship with two rounds to go.

World Masters Athletics Championships, Perth (26 Oct-6 Nov) - 26/10/16

Ben Reynolds took on the world’s finest V50 track athletes at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth. Ben was looking to retain his 5000m title and to double-down in entering the 10000m as well. The 5000m came first in the schedule and Ben reports:

“Squally rain showers – and cold! Definitely not in the brochure. I hadn’t packed for this. Things perked up a bit by the afternoon but it was still very windy and chilly. I had a lot of time to kill at the stadium and I restlessly searched for somewhere dry, warm and sheltered, eventually choosing to lie down in the men’s changing rooms. Checked my pulse – 42 – not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.
I watched the older boys battle the wind and concluded this was not a day for honest, brave leadership. With hip numbers fastened they marched us in numeric order to the start only to let us do some strides down the back straight so that they had to repeat the numeric roll call to get us back in order. Long pause while we waited for the tail end of the previous race to finish. An Argentinean was walking his last lap (he finished in almost 28 mins – what is that all about?).
Off we go and a bit of scramble to the first bend. Bashir Hussain (he of Stockport Harriers fame with an illustrious past) went out like a madman and had 10m on us after 200m. He then went backwards until he dropped out. Meanwhile I was relieved that Anders Dahl (SWE) took the lead at a reasonable pace and I took up my station in his slipstream. Bruce Graham (AUS) sheltered behind me. They were both medallists in the x-c earlier in the week so I knew they were the competition. Anders got a bit cheesed off that he was doing all the work so veered out into lane 2 on a couple of laps to encourage me to take over. I’m afraid to say I followed him into lane 2 and would have followed him to lane 9 had he been in any doubt. He got the message and put his nose back to the grindstone.
I’m told we dropped the rest of the field after about 4 laps. I had my big-race head screwed on and avoided the distraction of checking my time or worrying about what the others were up to. I was vaguely aware that they screwed up the lap counter for about 4 laps. It conflicted with the electronic counter but they got back in synch eventually. I was more concerned with chopping my stride to avoid clipping Anders’s heel.
4 laps to go and I thought I should probably make a move - but 4 home straits into the wind seemed a tall order. I prevaricated.
3 laps to go and I thought I should probably make a move – but again thought better of it.
Eventually with 1,100m to go I sort of drifted onto Anders’ shoulder and then finally mind and body got in synch and I picked things up. I’m told there was no response from Anders or Bruce and I quickly opened up 30m. I never looked round but was pretty sure they were nowhere near. I could hear the commentator and there was nothing to indicate any danger and he was burbling about my 2 previous titles. I think I took the bell in 14.42 and thought a sub-78 would get me under 16 into respectable territory. I fear my legs had other ideas or maybe my mind wandered back to the chintz question. Anyway I was rather distressed to see the clock tick over 16 as I crossed with line with rather wobbly legs.
Lots of very nice post-race comments from strangers who it seems had enjoyed seeing a rare change of pace. Got my quokka (western Australian rodent cuddly toy – good for scrabble!) at the medal ceremony where I still have no idea what to do with myself during the national anthem (a slow and stately version).
Now to recover before Tuesday’s 10,000m...”

As it turned out, Ben did not have it all his own way as a contingent from Kenya turned up to contest the 10,000m. He writes:

“It was a crowded start line with over 20 of us but the race soon settled down with the predicted players to the fore. The Swede and Aussie from the 5k, me and the Kenyan. Some games were played on the first couple of laps as various people found themselves at the front and didn’t fancy it. The Kenyan irritated me by surging to the front and then almost stopping with a grin much to the amusement of his supporters. Provoked I went to the front and stayed there for the next 20 laps. Probably a bit stupid with hindsight. We dropped the Swede and the Aussies before too long but the Kenyan stayed on my heel like glue. There was a Brit supporter down the back straight who intoned with monotonous regularity “he’s still there”.
I decided to put in an effort with 5 and 3 laps to go. My ‘effort’ with 5 to go didn’t amount to much. The 78 second lap had no effect at all. As I started to repeat the effort with 3 to go, the Kenyan came flying past me. Dismayed, I’m afraid to say that my ‘effort’ evaporated and the merciless clock shows I only ran a 81 second lap. Rather poor. I raised my game a little with a 75 second last lap to keep the gap respectable but my legs were wobbly and weak. Kibet won in 33.12 and I was 2nd in 33.20”

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 23/10/16

At Wimbledon Park, Rupert Ferguson finished 4th in 08:25, Seb Cockerell finished 7th in 08:34 and Imogen Cockerell finished 28th in 10:35. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 86th in 14:47.

Surrey Masters Cross-Country Championships, Richmond Park - 22/10/16

With Ranelagh hosting, 110 contested the ladies's race and V60 men's race, which were run together in mild conditions on very hard ground.
Liz Stavreski ran a strong race finishing 11th overall and just missing out on a medal coming 4th in the V40 with a time of 25:30. Vikki Filsell ran very well too finishing 21st (26:26), again missing out on a medal by a single place, this time in the V45. Anna Garnier finished 31st overall, in 26:54, and topped the podium in tbe V60 contest.
Our two men ran well with Rick Turner finishing in 19th position in a time of 26:15 (5th V60) and the President, Mike Farmery, 38th in 27:26 (8th V60).
In the men's V40-59 age group, Rhodri Davies (46:22) and Andrew Lenon (47:26) ran on the longer, tougher course and came in respectively in 13th and 14th in the M55 age group. By the time this race started, the wind had got up a bit and it was much chillier by the end.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 22/10/16

Seventeen Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns. Gordon Pearce notched up another victory at Brockwell Park.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
1 1 Gordon PEARCE 16:16 Herne Hill #216
21 21 Andy HOWSE 18:24 Poole #291
14 14 David CROWTHER 18:37 Wimbledon Common #516
16 16 Alex MACKULA 18:38 Fulham Palace #162
2 2 John CANT 19:11 Humber Bridge #125
24 2 Ruth WALLACE 20:37 Frimley Lodge #350
35 33 Chris HUTBER 20:42 Richmond #475
48 47 Darren SELWOOD 20:59 Nonsuch #268
20 1 Ellen WEIR 21:22 Medina IOW #276
86 80 James FERGUSON 22:26 Wimbledon Common #516
94 87 Rupert FERGUSON 22:38 Wimbledon Common #516
54 47 Robert WEIR 23:38 Medina IOW #276
55 48 Andy WEIR 23:38 Medina IOW #276
83 77 Chris CHEESEMAN 23:40 Tilgate #231
769 549 Jim STEPHENSON 29:12 Bushy Park #649
353 109 Denise BARNETT 32:24 Wimbledon Common #516
372 251 Colin PRICE 34:14 Wimbledon Common #516

Cabbage Patch 10 - 16/10/16

In the Cabbage Patch 10, Howard Bristow finished 8th in 52m 52s, Andrew Lawrence finished 29th in 58m 09s, Simon Barrett finished 30th in 58m 14s and Alex Mackula finished 95th in 63m 34s.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 16/10/16

At Wimbledon Park, Seb Cockerell finished 6th in 08:49 and Imogen Cockerell finished 12th in 10:33. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 24th in 11:44.

Men's Surrey League Division 1, Round I, Petersham - 15/10/16

In the opening round of the men's Surrey League, James McMullan was our lead runner, finishing in a fine 10th. He was followed by Ben Reynolds in 29th and Martin Shore in 31st. Richard Kowenicki followed in 37th and tight packing, Simon Molden in 52nd and Nic Gould in 53rd, with Matt Lynas, Ed Catmur, Nick Altmann and Brian Thursby-Pelham closing out the scoring team, brought us home in 6th place. Many congratulations to Henry Jones who run his first race in the Saltire to close the Thames runners. There is a changing of the guard in the men’s division and we are having to fight harder to hold our place. Nevertheless, with at least four of our quicker runners in absence, this was an excellent performance and lays a good springboard to maintain our first division status this season.

10 James McMullan 29m 34s
29 Ben Reynolds 30m 41s
31 Martin Shore 30m 46s
37 Richard Kowenicki 31m 06s
52 Simon Molden 31m 50s
53 Nic Gould 31m 53s
80 Matt Lynas 33m 34s
85 Ed Catmur 34m 04s
87 Nick Altmann 34m 40s
88 Brian Thursby-Pelham 35m 07s
178 Matt Beaney 38m 45s
182 Henry Jones 39m 14s

Ladies' Surrey League, Division 1, Round I, Nonsuch Park - 15/10/16

In the Ladies' Division 1 match at Nonsuch Park, Thames put out two teams to finish 8th and 20th overall.
Katy Hedgethorn showed she meant business by going out with the leaders on her Surrey League debut. Despite paying for that fast start a little she rallied well on the second lap and finished an excellent 5th in Division 1 to open our scoring account. Despite being hampered by recent broken ribs, Joanna Shillington showed she has not lost her great form from the summer as she ran with her customary smile to finish 25th and second TH&H scorer. Ignoring recent injury problems, Liz Stavreski battled well to finish 36th as our third scorer. The race to make up our scoring five was intense, with our next six runners all finishing within a minute of each other. Leading the way was Jo Davies who finished 67th with a returning Claire Altmann battling through the field to close the A team in 71st. Vikki (75th), Andrea (76th), Annette (84th) and Anna (89th) were the remaining four in that minute, all undoubtedly pushing Claire to a higher finish. Jess (128th) and Jo Winn-Smith (197th) both had strong runs to ensure we closed two teams.

5 Katy Hedgthorn 23m 33s
25 Joanna Shillington 25m 21s
36 Liz Stavreski 25m 44s
67 Joanna Davies 26m 39s
71 Claire Altmann 27m 00s
75 Vikki Filsell 27m 08s
76 Andrea Holt 27m 09s
84 Annette Gould 27m 29s
89 Anna Garnier 27m 33s
128 Jessica Davies 29m 28s
197 Jo Winn-Smith 33m 12s

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 15/10/16

Nine Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
2 1 Julia BLEASDALE 17:20 Black Park #384
9 8 John CANT 18:37 Hull #347
25 24 Darren SELWOOD 21:30 Southend #213
51 48 Rob TURNER 21:50 Southsea #158
87 78 Rupert FERGUSON 21:53 Fulham Palace #161
33 7 Alison CARPENTER 22:50 East Coast #120
64 58 Chris CHEESEMAN 23:13 Tilgate #230
122 9 Ilona KRIAUZAITE 24:46 South Manchester #346
320 210 Fred CROFT 45:59 Richmond #474

Redbull Steeplechase 23 Mile Elimination Race - 9/10/16

James McMullan took on the 23-mile knockout Red Bull Steeplechase over Exmoor. This race, divided into 3 stages, eliminates large swathes of runners at each checkpoint, until only 20 runners remain to contest the final stage. James survived elimination to finish 2nd in 2hrs 50m 16s.

Henley Half Marathon - 9/10/16

Ben Reynolds finished 2nd (and 1st V50) in 1hr 15m 42s.

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 9/10/16

At Wimbledon Park, Seb Cockerell finished 6th in 08:22. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 66th in 12:40.

Yorkshire Marathon - 8/10/16

Jack Blaiklock finished 7th in 2h 34m 06s. Jerry Watson was 48th and first V50 in 2h 53m 44s.

44th Thames H&H vs Ranelagh Harriers Mob Match, Petersham - 8/10/16

Ranelagh comprehensively won the 44th Mob Match by 294 points to 884, scoring 21-a-side. Jon Pepper was first home in 41.57. Thames now lead the series by 25 wins to 19.

1 Jon Pepper SM RAN 41.57
2 Eirin McDaid SM RAN 42.31
3 Richard Gregory SM RAN 43.01
4 Jackson Creegan SM RAN 43.15
5 Gordon Pearce SM THH 43.29
6 Simon Barrett M40 THH 43.40
7 Ian Kenton SM RAN 43.58
8 James Winch SM RAN 44.13
9 Nick Impey SM RAN 44.23
10 Phil Killingley SM RAN 44.29
11 Peter Haarer M45 RAN 45.24
12 Mark Herbert SM RAN 46.20
13 Jonathan Smith SM RAN 46.38
14 Louis Randall SM RAN 46.49
15 Chris Rye SM THH 46.52
16 Al Morgan SM RAN 46.58
17 Carl Selya-Hammer SM RAN 47.05
18 Trevor Maguire M50 RAN 47.08
19 Chris Finill M55 THH 47.15
20 Stephen Whitehead M45 RAN 47.28
21 Joe Chang SM THH 47.48
22 Nic Gould SM THH 48.00
23 Seiko Angelo M50 RAN 48.08
24 Simon Wurr SM THH 48.20
25 David Ready SM RAN 48.26
26 Megan de Silva SL RAN 48.57
27 Kris Davidson M40 RAN 49.02
28 Dave Lawley SM RAN 49.38
29 David Symons M40 THH 49.56
30 Rick Jenner SM RAN 51.20
31 Toby Cooper SM RAN 51.55
32 Roy Reeder M50 RAN 52.39
33 Chris Owens M60 RAN 52.58
34 Styewart Anderson M45 RAN 53.01
35 Liz Straveski L40 THH 53.59
36 Niall O'Connor M40 RAN 54.02
37 Matt Beaney SM THH 54.25
38 David Wright M55 RAN 54.45
39 Paul Rider M50 RAN 54.56
40 Henry Jones SM THH 55.06
41 Peter Riches SM THH 55.12
42 Dave Muckersie M55 RAN 55.28
43 William Griffin M45 RAN 55.29
44 Eamonn O'Dwyer SM RAN 56.10
45 Richard Holme M50 RAN 56.12
46 Richard Kimber SM RAN 56.12
47 James Ritchie SM RAN 56.14
48 Alberto Esguevillas M40 RAN 56.16
49 Annette Gould SL THH 56.32
50 Wiebke Kortum L45 RAN 56.40
51 Ben Shore SM RAN 56.52
52 Darren Selwood SM THH 57.39
53 Rhodri Davies M55 THH 57.47
54 Gordon Whitson M60 RAN 58.02
55 Claire Fowler L35 RAN 58.16
56 Phil Roberts M50 RAN 58.22
57 Chris Hunton M55 RAN 58.36
58 Mike Farmery M60 THH 58.41
59 Bob Beatson M55 RAN 58.54
60 Chris Read M50 RAN 59.07
61 Rob Wise M55 RAN 59.30
62 Rob Turner M40 THH 59.56
63 Tim Woodthorpe SM THH 60.02
64 Paul Whitlock M60 THH 60.12
65 Mike Peace M65 RAN 60.54
66 Michael Osborne M50 RAN 61.02
67 Amrut Sharma M40 RAN 61.06
68 Chris Camacho M45 RAN 62.11
69 Kevin Kearey M45 RAN 62.13
70 Henry Evans SM RAN 62.29
71 Jess Davies SL THH 63.04
72 Alastair Ritchie M50 RAN 64.05
73 Anna Reichwald L55 RAN 64.14
74 Ann Kearey L45 RAN 64.22
75 Alastair Sinclair M45 RAN 65.27
76 Gemma Kaye SL RAN 65.29
77 Claire Warner SL RAN 66.55
78 Paul Newby M70 THH 68.30
79 Carol Aikin L50 RAN 68.46
80 Perry Rendell M45 RAN 70.22
81 Angus Cater M60 RAN 70.41
82 John Herriott M60 RAN 71.05
83 Jeremy Denny M75 THH 71.14
84 Andy Hayward M55 RAN 71.37
85 Sarah Riches SL THH 71.39
86 Vikki Filsell L45 THH 71.40
87 Julian Holden M55 RAN 75.58
88 Peter Fordham M60 RAN 76.23
89 Bill Harvey M70 RAN 76.45
90 Clive Naish M60 RAN 79.05
91 Sally Bamford L55 RAN 79.21
92 Corinne Bishop L60 RAN 83.19
93 Victoria Orme L55 RAN 89.00

Match Result (21-a-side):
Ranelagh Harriers: 294 points
Thames H&H: 844 points

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 8/10/16

Twelve Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
5 5 John CANT 18:22 Hull #346
5 5 David CROWTHER 19:29 Rotherham #175
35 34 James FERGUSON 19:48 Fulham Palace #160
26 4 Ruth WALLACE 20:51 Frimley Lodge #348
38 30 Martin BISHOP 20:53 Old Deer Park #302
70 63 Richard CRAIG-MCFEELY 21:22 Fulham Palace #160
190 163 Rob TURNER 22:22 Bushy Park #647
105 94 Rupert FERGUSON 22:38 Fulham Palace #160
118 106 Bruce BLACKSHAW 23:27 Nonsuch #266
156 19 Karen JONES 24:33 Guildford #227
671 490 Jim STEPHENSON 28:26 Bushy Park #647
374 259 Fred CROFT 44:04 Richmond #473

Junior parkrun Weekly Roundup - 2/10/16

At Wimbledon Park, Seb Cockerell finished 5th in 08:33. At Surbiton, Lucy Molden finished 52nd in 13:35.

Cardiff Half Marathon - 1/10/16

Howard Bristow finished 14th in 68m 52s.

parkrun Weekly Roundup - 1/10/16

Nine Saltires were in action in weekly parkruns.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time Event
3 3 Gordon PEARCE 16:01 Dulwich #236
6 6 Joe GALE 18:27 Nonsuch #265
11 11 Richard PITT 20:23 Guildford #226
44 40 James FERGUSON 20:32 Fulham Palace #159
51 44 Richard CRAIG-MCFEELY 20:38 Fulham Palace #159
35 35 Henry JONES 20:53 Wimbledon Common #513
75 4 Anna GARNIER 22:33 Wimbledon Common #513
111 97 Rupert FERGUSON 22:56 Fulham Palace #159
567 463 Rob TURNER 26:04 Bushy Park #646