The Stickler - 30/10/05

Andy Howse ended up 2nd in Dorsets toughest multi-terrain race. The 10 mile circuit of three massive Dorset peaks (Oakford Beacon Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill with a total ascent of 1500 feet) is not for the faint hearted and provides a test for the finest athletes on the south coast. Despite a lung-bursting effort of 67.13 Andy was pipped by a local triathlete and is trying to live down the shame.

Karrimor International Mountain Marathon - 30/10/05

Chris Daniels and Simon Wurr exceeded their own expectations at the annual two day KIMM extravaganza in the NE Lake District. Covering approximately 50km and 38km on consecutive days across mountainous and boggy terrain, they finished 9th out of 250 teams in the Long Score event. Andy Robinson was 46th in the same category and Ed Catmur was 27th in the B Class event.

Bank Breakers - 29/10/05

Eighteen Thames men and ladies turned in a winning performance against the Bank, K&P and Hercules Wimbledon. Thames ran strongly at the sharp end and were ably supported with great runs from Ian Higgins, James Ward and new member Nick Maloney who made his THH debut. Thames results below.

1 	Paul Haywood 	24.58 K/Poly 
2 	Matt Jones 	25.24 
3 	David Symons 	25.29 
4 	Nic Gould 	25.38 
11 	Ian Higgins 	28.30 
13 	James Ward 	29.37 
14 	Nick Maloney 	29.56 
15 	Dave Wilson 	30.07 
17 	Al Irvine 	30.32 
19 	Chris Hutber 	30.37 
20 	Tim Nightingale	30.43 
25 	Alison Carpenter	32.04 
28 	Al Gibbons 	32.42 
30 	Kate Symons	33.42 
35 	Jeff Armitage	35.01 
36 	Dave Walsh 	35.08 
39 	Michael Johnson	37.21 
41 	Ian Bright	37.35 
47 	Dave Palairet 	42.45 

Position Team Result Points 6 to score 
1 THH (a)   		47 
2 K/Poly (a) 		77 
3 Hercules Wimbledon 	88 
4 THH (b)              	144 
5 B of E              	165 
6 K/Poly (b) 		222 
7 THH (c)			228 

World Triathlon Championships - 23/10/05

Euan Lees finished an outstanding 15th place in the World Triathlon Championships, only five days after competing in the World Aquathlon Championships in a hot and humid Honolulu. After dropping down to 31st place at the end of the bike stage, Euan stormed through the field to overtake 16 competitors and finish 15th in the 30-34 age group.

Match against Oxford - 22/10/05

With many of Thames finest on duty at the Nationals or pioneering the course a select number of members assisted Oxford with the customary preview of the varsity match course. David Bruce and Courtney Birch were first home with impressive runs for Oxford.

Place	Time	Name	Club
1	39.48	David Bruce	Oxford
2	39.54	Martin Bishop	Oxford
3	42.25	S Granger-Bevan	Oxford
4	42.31	Michael O’Neill	Oxford
5	43.41	Thomas Stevens	Oxford
6	43.21	Ian Kimpton	Oxford
7	43.27	Justin Bronder	Oxford
8	43.46	Tom Lawson	Oxford
9	44.39	Simon Levy	Oxford
10	44.41	Travis Pantin	Oxford
11	45.04	Andreas Stradis	Oxford
12	45.13	Simon Molden	TH&H
13	45.57	Nick Scroxton	Oxford
14	46.06	Doron Schultziner	Oxford
15	46.59	Patrick Wallace	Oxford
16	47.17	Simon Shillaker	Oxford
17	48.25	Juan Coderch	Oxford
18	48.51	Dan Pescod	TH&H
19	49.17	Alistair Irvine	TH&H
20	50.53	Keith Spacie    	TH&H
21	50.53	Peter Giles       	TH&H
22	52.23	Oliver Hughes	Oxford
23	53.11	Jamie Jeeves	TH&H
24	60.08	David Jenkins	TH&H

Place	Time	Name	Club
1	23.16	Courtney Birch	Oxford
2	24.15	Rachel Deegan	Oxford
3	25.21	Sarah Pemberton	Oxford
4	25.46	Lucia Gibson	Oxford
5	26.20	Louise Hake	Oxford
6	28.36	Anair Beverly	Oxford
7	28.44	Yvonne Milan	Oxford
8	30.03	Sinead Forde	Oxford
9	31.11	Mary Broster	TH&H

National 6 Stage Road Relays - 22/10/05

The mens team finished 24th out of 76 teams in the annual six stage relay fest at Sutton Park.

John McFarlane led the team home with a more than solid run in 16th on leg one and our fastest of the day in 17.56 before Ian Harkness excelled on the second leg which showed that he is getting back to top form. Andy Weir found the going quite hard on leg three before Nic Gould and David Symons put in stirling performances to bring Thames back into the top 30. The Captain then moved Thames up to 24th with a run as solid as the Icelandic food he had been eating all week.

24th	Thames Hare & Hounds  1h 53.05
J McFarlane 16th		17.56
I Harkness 15th		18.01
A Weir 31st		19.51
N Gould 30th		19.26
D Symons 28th		19.09
S Wurr 24th		18.42

Second claim runners:
N Talbot 		17.25
J Connor 		18.02
D Talbot 		18.52
T Woodthorpe 	19.40
C Hughes 		19.55

Second claim ladies:
Dorchie Lee	Winning ladies team (Bristol)

Cabbage Patch 10 - 17/10/05

Those not led astray by the vice captains birthday celebrations the night before enjoyed a run in the Autumn sun. Phill Sly was fourth (50.31)in a quality field. Second claim Mara Yamauchi was first lady (55.49)ahead of Naomi Warner(57.23) who had an excellent run to place second lady.

1.	Mo Farah			48.59	Newham & Essex Beagles
4.	Phill Sly			50.31	
16.	Mara Yamauchi		55.49	First Lady
23.	Andy Howse		56.44
29.	Naomi Warner		57.23	Second Lady
90.	Bill Snelgrove		1.02.21
109.	Tim Nightingale		1.03.34
113.	Peter Giles		1.03.39
147.	Al Gibbons		1.05.21

ITU Aquathlon World Championships - 16/10/05

Euan Lees rounded off the season in fine style with a magnificent performance in the World Aquathlon Championships (swim, run, swim). Despite the sticky conditions in Honolulu, Euan finished 1st Brit, 3rd in his age group and 11th overall.

Surrey Vets Cross Country Championships (Men) - 15/10/05

Keith Spacie gave away 5 years to win V65 gold and in doing so led V60 teamates Robin Dickson and Dave Walsh home to an impressive V60 team silver. The V40 team finished fourth with strong runs from Hugh Sheilds and Ian Higgins and the V50 team finished fifth with Rick Turner putting in the fastest TH&H time for the day.

1	Roger Alsop		M40(1)	34.30 (Belgrave)
14	Hugh Sheilds		M40(6)	37.38
19	Rick Turner		M50(4)	38.28
20	Ian Higgins		M40(9)	38.30
34	Mark Hope (?)		M40(14)	40.29
39	Al Irvine			M40(16)	41.00
44	Keith Spacie		M65(1)	41.24
79	Robin Dickson		M60(7)	45.36
96	Dave Walsh		M60(11)	48.14
103	Michael Bostlemann		M55(19)	49.36
105	Al Spencer		M50(20)	50.16

Surrey Vets Cross Country Championships (Ladies) - 15/10/05

It was medals all round for the Thames ladies on a glorious day in Richmond Park. Rachel Disley was in stunning form to become surely the first Surrey Athletics President to win a county title in their year of office. Rachel led from gun to tape winning the race and the v40 gold. Anna Garnier and Alison Carpenter had another close race with Anna producing a fine sprint for 7th place (v50 gold) ahead of Alison in 8th place (v45 silver). Kate Symons completed the TH&H runners showing a welcome return to form in 15th place (v35 bronze).

1	Rachel Disley	(THH)	W40(1)	23.36
7	Anna Garnier	(THH)	W50(1)	25.19
8	Alison Carpenter	(THH)	W45(2)	25.23
15	Kate Symons	(THH)	W35(3)	26.34

Cardiff Half Marathon - 9/10/05

Phill Sly cruised round the streets of Cardiff to win in a comfortable 68:30.

Dulwich 10k - 9/10/05

Despite racing in the Surrey League the day before, James Ward set a PB of 36:40 in the Dulwich 10k.

Tooting 24 hr track race - 9/10/05

Chris Finill ran strongly through the night to run 137 miles in his first ever 24hr event and in doing so won the AAAs title.

Great South Run - 9/10/05

Simon Baines finished 54th in 54:41 whilst evergreen Hugh Shields was 90th in 58:21.

Peter Giles gains international selection - 9/10/05

More good news: Peter Giles has been selected for the England M60 team to compete in the Home Countries International in Dublin on 12th November. Many congratulations!

Melbourne Half Marathon - 9/10/05

Anthony Hickson ran the Melbourne Half and recorded a time of 1:44.57

Mendip Muddle - 9/10/05

David Symons and the Captain slugged it out over 20k of undulating bog, tracks and paths in the Mendips along with 200 other runners. Simon just had the edge at the end with a clear gap of 4 minutes to third. GB rowing coach Nick Maloney, who made his first THH training run four days before, was a superb 19th. As the race sponsors were Yeo-valley foods it was yoghurt all round to the winning team.

1st   Simon Wurr    1:20.52
2nd   David Symons  1:21.44
19th  Nick Maloney  1:38.09

200+ finished

Surrey Cross Country League - Ladies - 8/10/05

The ladies had a steady start to their Surrey League over Wimbledon Common. Dorchie Lee ran well for 6th place, with a great run from Rachel Disley not far behind in 9th. Ever improving Anna Garnier chased Alison Carpenter round finishing 33rd behind Alison in 31st. Kate Symons closed the team further down the field with Di Leakey completing the Thames runners. This placed the team fouth behind Ranelagh, Belgrave and hosts Windmilers. The next league fixture is 19 November, Priory Park, Reigate.

1  	Emily Nelson	21.43	(Epsom)
2  	Jo Ronalsdson	22.31	(Ranelagh)
6  	Dorothea Lee	22.51
9  	Rachel Disley	23.11
31 	Alison Carpenter	25.02
33 	Anna Garnier	25.11
61 	Kate Symons	26.55
126 	Di Leakey		32.27

Teams (5 to score)
1	Ranelagh		63
2	Belgrave		75
3	Windmilers	114
4	Thames H&H	134
5	Woking		163

Surrey Cross Country League - Men - 8/10/05

Against a very strong Herne Hill outfit, Thames put in a terrific performance with several runners surging through the field. John McFarlane led the way in 4th with Phill Tedd (travelling down from Oxford) a very encouraging 5th. Strong runs from Ian Harkness (11th), the Captain (17th), Darren Talbot (18th) and David Symons (24th) were also backed up by some close packing in the 30s. Nic Gould put in his best performance in a Thames vest with a magnificent 31st place. Full and official results to follow but it would seem that HHH won with 181 pts, THH second with 209 pts and Bels third with 296 pts. The next match is on Sat 19th Nov - we need to make the next three matches a priority if we are to challenge HHH and defend the title.

1st	J Mays		(SLH)	23:06
4th	J McFarlane		23:23
5th	P Tedd			23:36
11th	I Harkness		24:05
17th	S Wurr			24:39
18th	D Talbot			24:45
24th	D Symons			25:09
27th	A Weir			25:15
31st	N Gould			25:26
35th	L Matthews		25:33
37th	N Malynn			25:36
42nd	T Woodthorpe		25:47
46th	A Howse			25:54
51st	A Kennis			26:24
60th	M Lynas			26:54
65th	P Lazo			27:07	
101st	A Robinson		28:53

1st	HHH	181
2nd	THH	209
3rd	Bels	296
4th	SLH	383
5th	G&G	498
6th	Rei P	519
7th	K&P	539
8th	Walt	615

World Half Marathon Championships - 2/10/05

Mara Yamauchi, fresh from a scintillating run in Helsinki, backed this up with 72:40 and 18th place in the World Half Marathon Championships in Edmonton, Canada. In doing so the Thames second claimer was first Brit and lead the team to 5th place.

London to Brighton - 2/10/05

Matt Lynas finished a magnificent 3rd in the annual London to Brighton race in 6 hrs 8 minutes. Matt held onto second until the 35 mile mark at which point three time winner Brian Hennessy passed him and gained a few minutes lead before Matt unleashed a "sprint finish" and cut the deficit to a mere 8 seconds.

Northern Road Relays - 1/10/05

Darren Talbot ran a sprightly 15:44 for the 5170m course for his first claim club Trafford AC.

Matt Jones hits the jackpot - 1/10/05

Fresh after his victory in the Short Distant Challenge and then a PB in the Windsor half Matt made it three weeks to remember with a runaway victory in the annual inter-club match against Kingston & Poly. In the team stakes Thames made it a cleansweep in the 5 10 and 20-to-score team events.

A terrific turnout of 20 TH&H runners beat K&P in what was a terrifically well-organised and marshalled route. Behind Matts storming run, Nic Gould yet again showed what big strides he has made and it was terrific to see Andy Ward and ALG don the saltire again. A special mention too to David Symons for racing for the second time inside 5 hours and for Anna Jones who braved the vile early conditions and finished with a terrific flourish.

1           Matthew Jones		26.57
2           Simon Wurr              27.33
5           Larry Mathews  	28.14
6           Nicholas Gould         	28.16
11          Ian Higgins             30.09
12          James Ward             	30.25
13          Simon Molden		30.31
14          David Symons		31.16
16          Dan Pescod		32.07
17          Al Irvine		32.13
21          Chris Hutber		33.00
23          Keith Spacie		33.45
30          Jeff Armitage		36.02
33          Kate Symons		36.18
37          David Walsh		37.11
38          Michael Bostelmann	37.38
47          Alan Spencer		39.55
52          Alan Gibbons		41.30
57          Anna Jones		47.18
58          Andy Lea-Gerrard       47.35

59 ran

5 to score:	1st TH&H 25 pts    	2nd K&P 40 pts
  		3rd HW 85 pts  		4th BofE 179 pts

10 to score:	1st TH&H  97 pts	2nd K&P  161 pts
		3rd HW  300 pts

20 to score:	1st  TH&H  493 pts     2nd K&P  593 pts