Alumni Race

Thames has hosted the popular annual Alumni Race run since 1953. The course of 5 miles on Wimbledon Common is a shortened version of the Blues Race course. All ages are welcome. Seventy year olds compete with eighteen year olds - the fastest time is usually close to 25 mins and the back markers nearer 60 mins. The number of entrants has grown in recent years with 271 finishers from 35 teams in 2017.

The race usually takes place on the third Saturday of December when the common is at its best, and the timing an antidote to Christmas stress. In 2018 the expected date is December 15th.

The entry rules are simple : A team of unlimited numbers may enter, but they must all be genuine alumni of the nominated school. Guest runners are welcome - whether partners, friends, parents, staff, current pupils, children, grandchildren - but cannot score as part of your team.

There are five competitions within the race:

  • Open race for The Henry VIII Trophy to be won by the team whose first four finishers have the lowest score, the winner of the race scoring 1 and so on upwards.
  • Veterans' 40 race for The Old Brentwood Trophy, participants to be aged 40 or over on race day, with three to score.
  • Veterans' 50 race for The Chataway Trophy, participants to be aged 50 or over on race day, with three to score.
  • Veterans' 60 race for The Old Denstonian Cup, participants to be aged 60 or over on race day, with three to score.
  • Veterans' 65 race for The Jane Bubear Cup, participants to be aged 65 or over on race day, with three to score.

There are also awards for individual entrants, providing they are from a team of at least four, as follows :

  • The Norman Berry Cup for the first to finish.
  • The Old Coventrian Cup for the first lady to finish.
  • The Wyndham Halswelle Cup for the first based on age-related time.

In any of the competitions, in the event that two or more teams have the same score, the advantage will lie with the team whose last scoring finisher has the lowest score. Incomplete teams may participate and are closed in accordance with the Surrey Rules.

Note that a team made up of current pupils of a school are very welcome to participate informally but would not be eligible for any of the competitions.

If you are not already on the Thames list, please email the Convenor - David Jenkins - on He will register your interest and include you on the mailing list.

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